Welcome, If you have made it this far on our website, it means you're interested in our story.  Or, you made it this far because we only have 2 tabs at the moment on our home page hahahaha...

Sheesh we've never had a website before.  Where do we even begin...oh yes, umm our names are Michael and Moyra and we are the nucleus of EMPrints.  Mike is Tongan and I am Niuean and we have 3 beautiful daughters.  We are 100% Polynesian.  We are both work horses.  We work very hard, always striving to better the quality of our prints, meet demand and learn new print methods.

We are not screen printers, digital printers, embroiderers or anything that you have seen on our instagram page hahaha...i know, hopefully, we haven't scared you off at this point.  Everything that you see on our instagram, is knowledge we have acquired organically over the years on our own through all our mistakes, trials and errors and watching Lee Stuart on Youtube and Shirt Kong on instagram.  Michael is a builder and i worked in accounting but over the years it was evident where our passion is - printing.

Our team is made up of 3 staffs not including ourselves, but we print like we have a team of 20.

EMPrints was born in our garage and a small bedroom at our old house.  We started with a vinyl cutter and a heat press, out of curiosity after watching a You Tube video on how t-shirts are made.  We exposed screens in a bedroom, and dried them with a de-humidifier in a closet at our rental ...eek.  We washed them out outside with a garden hose in a plastic water tank bought from Bunnings for $60.

We have come a long way from this to where we are at now.  We have grown so much because of you all and we thank you all.  We cannot wait to show you what you have been supporting as we anticipate our next move into the next warehouse this summer.

We 100% believe in ourselves that we are capable of anything.  We look forward to meeting you all on this journey, we like to call "our road to Rome" -  long and hard with less to no sleep.  Let's be great!  "Wing it 'til you win it."